Antonio Ruscito




Genre: Minimal / Techno / IDM


Antonio Ruscito was born in Rome in 1987. Passionate in all that concerns the sphere of electronic and techno music. This style focus on the search for dark, paranoid, sometimes ghostly sounds, following in some aspects the essential characteristics of the classic techno production, using open hi-hat and standard geometries of the old detroitian school. At the same time tries to merge these old sounds with some others sounds derived from the development of new modern, circular, innovative and effective synth composition which make the track sometimes repetetive but absolutly never boring.

So the deepest final result is a fusion of ambient and minimal techno music.



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[SLXRLIVEPA001] Antonio Ruscito LivePA

[SLXR003] Antonio Ruscito - The Deepest Thoughts EP

[SLXR006] Insect Elektrika - What a little infant? EP

[SLXR009] V/A - Soluxion BDay


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